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Registration is open for the Fall Session of Gold Groups!  The Groups begin the week of September 9, 2019, and will wrap up during the week of December 16, 2019. Read on to learn more about our groups, or follow the links below to sign up or view the group options.

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“The GREATEST nugget I acquired from Gold Groups was a sense of awareness…how my mind can create more fake judgements (stories) about myself than others actually do!  Knowing this has become a complete GAME CHANGER in my life! For me, the continuing connection, bonding, and vulnerability shared within my Gold Group was unlike any traditional-style bible study. It’s real…it’s raw… and it’s ENERGIZING to come to know and see how amazing a woman can truly be in this SAFE SPACE!”

(Ty, “Uncaged Dragon”)

About Gold Groups

You’ve finished your initial weekend! Now what? You may be wondering how you will continue to walk in your newfound gold, and how to go about digging for MORE?

Or maybe you are craving ongoing growth, connection, healing, support and empowerment opportunities within a community of authentic women.

Dear Sister… the next leg of your journey could very well lie within a Gold Group!

We have created a beautifully empowering growth path for our sisterhood and are EXCITED to now offer a fluid curriculum that will continually reach the needs of our growing community! And within that growth, we commit to meet YOU where you are and offer support, education, mentorship, and leadership training opportunities that fuel your passions within this life-changing work.


Foundations 1

We offer two levels of Gold Groups: Foundations 1 and 2.  The curriculum for Foundations 1 includes many new exercises and discussions that are designed to help you find deeper healing, growth, and an understanding of the fundamental nature of our emotions and how to navigate them.

In Foundations 1, you can expect to learn:

  • The basics about your emotions and what to do with them.
  • Find out more about the different parts of a woman (archetypes) you were introduced to on the weekend: the Queen, the Child, the Protector, and Sage.
  • How to use clean talk, accountability, and clearings to stay in integrity with yourself and in relationships.
  • Gain tools and practice skills as you learn more about yourself.
  • Find support as you walk alongside others who also want connection and community.
  • And SO much more!

Foundations 2

After you have completed Foundations 1, you can continue your growth in a Foundations 2 group. The curriculum for Foundations 2 builds upon what you learned in Foundations 1.

In Foundations 2, we cover the following topics:

  • Shame – The crippling emotion of shame affects everyone. Learn where it comes from, how to recognize it and what to do when it creeps up in our lives.
  • Vulnerability – It’s a risky thing, but it is also our deepest need. Explore how to be more vulnerable, deepen emotional connections and keep yourself safe.
  • Fear – This can be a driving force in our lives. Though fear is a healthy emotion that guides us to find safety, what can we do when the thing we fear is out of our control? What does God say about this.
  • Control – There are good reasons we try to control those around us, yet we can seldom truly control others. Find a new way to get what you really want and “let go” of control.
  • Four Archetypes – learn about the Sovereign, Lover, Warrior, and Magician. Find out how you were wounded and understand how the four energies serve you.  This will bring more understanding and grace for ourselves as we discover how we are wired.
  • And more – tools, learning, connection and growth!

Level 3: This is ME

In this session we will take a deep dive into studying the twelve personality traits we already have within us. In Foundations 2, we found our four quarters and the twelve traits in each quarter that make up who we are. We found that each of us has developed these traits in different ways.

During This Is ME, we will discover how to further develop the traits we left behind as children, and understand the possible reasons why. This is a personalized way to intentionally focus on who you are and who you are not. At the same time, you will be gaining insight about the wiring of the people in your life.
Before the session begins, you will be given a Shadow Types Survey to discover how you are uniquely wired! Join us and find out:

  • Which traits you have highly developed.
  • How these work for you in your life.
  • Which traits you are ready to further develop and integrate in your life.
  • Find more balance.
  • Learn how to better relate to others according to their development.
  • See how God had a plan for you to become the woman you are.
  • See what God has already provided for you as you continue your growth.
  • Find grace and freedom to be fully, uniquely you.

Senior Mentorship Group

This advanced-level group is designed for women who have already completed all previous Gold Group levels. Taught by our founders and experience facilitators, Mentor Groups will possess a customized curriculum and structure to meet the needs of its members. Women will have the opportunity to explore various service/leadership development opportunities, learn and practice introductory “processing principles” while expounding upon the tools previously acquired in Levels 1-3. Dates/times are TBD, but multiple options will be available, based upon the final roster.

Add-On Elective (COMING THIS WINTER!): Women Revealed Carpet Facilitator training and certification program.

We are SO excited to announce that Women Revealed is now offering a structured path towards becoming a Carpet Facilitator on our weekend retreats and workshops! If you have completed Foundations 1 curriculum and are interested in learning more about this opportunity, simply add it on to your curriculum selection and you will be contacted in the upcoming weeks with more information.


“What I got out of my Gold Group was two-fold: I gained a tight-knit group of new friends – who would cheer for me when times were great, and who I KNEW had my back when I was struggling. I felt seen, heard, and accepted no matter what. I also gained an extension of the work that began on my initial weekend. Gold Groups have been an incredible deep-dive into personal work!”

(Kimberly, “Steadfast Sparrow” )


Who: A group consists of a small group of 6-8 women who have been through Women Revealed’s initial Release Your Burden weekend. Each group has an experienced leader.

Time:  Three weekly meetings followed by one week off. The total calendar commitment is four months.

Investment: $300 if you pay in full with your registration ($20 discount) or four monthly $80 payments.

Location: We have online and in-person group options, as well as various meeting days and times. Our online groups use Zoom, a video conferencing platform.

I’m looking forward to signing up for Gold Groups because of everything I learned at my RYB weekend, the nuggets of truth from my integration group, and the connections I’ve made along the way! Each of these have been MONUMENTAL to my personal healing and growth. For me, Gold Groups are the natural “next step” in my journey post-initial weekend, and I’m excited to learn new tools for personal growth and insight. I can honestly say I haven’t connected with women like this EVER…and it feels good to be seen for the first time in a long time!

(Whitney, “Excited Lion”)

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