• “I felt safe and supported during the weekend. I was treated with sensitivity and concern.”

  • “My life and my heart were challenged and I was changed. So grateful for this weekend!”

  • “The weekend is changing my life one day at a time. The new way I look at life and God is very powerful.”

  • “I came in a scared, voiceless, closed off little girl and left an empowered, heard, free, tenacious woman. Thank you, WR, for changing my life!”

“The Women Revealed Weekend was a time for me to connect with God in a way where He came to me and helped me deal with the difficulties in my life. My views on Him were changed drastically on this weekend and I was amazed that healing was finally able to happen in my heart. I was able to open up for the first time in a long time.”

“For any women contemplating attending the weekend I would definitely say, ‘Go!’ It changed my life. It is an experience that is worth so much more than I thought!”

“I had been doing a lot of work in therapy, and wanted a way to make the work go faster. I found it in the Release Your Burden weekend. I had the sensation that all the pieces of my life that had been loosened through therapy were floating around. While I was on the weekend all those pieces found their places and came together in a coherent way.”

“Even 2 years after my weekend I remember what I experienced. Sometimes, when I begin to worry or be anxious…God reminds me again that I am His beautiful child — I just forget sometimes! Women Revealed has been and continues to be a huge part of my healing journey. Thank you Jesus!!”

“I’m not a fan of typical women’s ministry retreats. Attending the Release Your Burden weekend was a big risk for me so I went in really skeptical. I had tried counseling, self help, prayer, better decision-making—all in an effort to overcome a particular wound. Through the intense but intentional exercises of the weekend, I was able to face and overcome that burden among a group of caring women who had done the same in their own lives. I am truly grateful!”

“This is an experience and opportunity to grow unlike any other. You should not miss this chance to understand and learn more about yourself. If you are really ready to get rid go the struggles within yourself, this is a safe loving environment that will help and support you. You will feel accepted and will be encouraged in many ways. It will be well worth your time, efforts and money to attend.”

“Thank you for listening to God’s calling and creating such a wonderful weekend for women. Women and relationships all over the world are so blessed by what you are doing! There were so many times over the weekend when I truly felt the Holy Spirit moving, it was amazing!”

“I would say that the weekend is life changing. There is the potential for lasting transformation through casting off the bondage of lies and stepping into the unique and perfect identity God gave every woman – fearlessly, joyfully.”

“I will never forget what I learned and how God worked among a bunch of -nearly perfect- amazing willing and beautiful strangers.”

“The Women Revealed Staff made me feel absolutely safe and supported. Everything about them said they were “for me.” Their body language and eyes told me they were listening, hearing, and seeing me. Their words connected their stories to mine, and encouraged me deeply.”

“The design of this weekend is absolutely brilliant. What an incredible gift for each woman willing to go! I feel so thankful that I was able to be a recipient of this blessing.”

“DO IT! If you are carrying burdens and loads that you have a deep, deep desire to work through, WR is the best place to seek healing in a safe, loving, and nurturing environment! My life is FOREVER changed by Women Revealed!”

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I entered my WRW terrified. I had heard WR described as an “intense and edgy women’s weekend” My description wouldn’t be much different except that I now add the phrases “It was absolutely amazing! I will never be the same!” to the end of the intense and edgy part. ”

“I was supported with care from the Staff, they made me feel as if I was the only one there. They slowly had me break my shell, and as it cracked bit by bit by my own hands, until there was this yearning for peace. My spirit was aching for God and everyone comforted me even the participants. I felt that they all at one point or another wore the same shoes, the same size, and same brand all at a different time.”

“Thank you so very much for so generously sharing your time and gifts for such an important purpose! OH – if only we could all walk burden free and be exactly who God made us to be … EARTH would look a lot more like the KINGDOM! You are helping those of us who attend the weekend get back to God’s original plan for us!! Thank you and Bless you!”

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